Without PTA’s, schools would be falling down

03/31/2010 · admin

The role that PTA’s play in fundraising for their schools can never be understated. Today, that role is not only necessary but critical to the success of public schools throughout the country.

Consider that the three largest counties in metro Atlanta (DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb) are all running a $100+ million education deficit. Critical programs like afterschool, pre-K, phys-ed (PHYS-ED!!?) and other accelerated learning initiatives are being slashed.

In steps the support of communities, concerned citizens and parents in the form of the PTA. In the case of Ashford Park Elementary School in North Atlanta (Brookhaven), the annual operating budget had been reduced to $14,000 by the county/state (that would include budget allotment for pencils, paper, copiers, etc… – pretty paltry). Further consider that there is no immediate correction coming in the reduced budget offerings to Ashford Park and schools like it (country property tax value fell $1 billion last year.)

Most PTA’s that are active can and do raise significant $’s for their schools through fundraising initiatives. Gone are the days of pushing little foot soldiers out the door to peddle cookies and cards. In is a sophisticated approach to fundraisng where many outside entities are helping PTA’s create fundraising programs…and in some cases managing altogether. At Geronimo, our mission is to help non-profits unlock donations from vacation rentals. We host and promote listings and coordinate payments. This is accomplished by creating private websites for PTA’s to gather listings from local property owners and to direct supporters to search on for their vacation needs. PTA’s pay nothing and there is no risk. The evolution of fundraising for schools is here.

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2 Responses to “Without PTA’s, schools would be falling down”

  1. We’re seeing this in North Fulton as well. Our school is cutting our band, orchestra program as well as increasing classroom size and all sorts of things that are NOT good for our kids. Why not use the $30M ++ that is coming in from the GA 400 toll to help our kids keep their band / orchestra program!.??? or what about taking some of the Hope Scholarship and making that available to some local schools that are in a world of hurt. GREAT that kids can get a scholarship once they complete K-12, but if K-12 STINKS, then that’s sort of a waste if they go to college unprepared. My 2 cents.


  2. Phil, your two cents is golden. It is amazing how shortsighted our leaders can be regarding public education – the backbone of the future economy. By reducing all of these valuable programs, more and more kids are going to be underserved, undereducated and will contribute less ultimately to the critical tax base in the affected areas in and around metro Atlanta. By the way, if you look at all of the roadway assessment fees over the years (tunnel under Atlanta, HOV lanes everywhere, MARTA extension, etc…) you’d find millions of $’s that could have been put into education. Just my two cents worth. Bill Sluben