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Vacationing on a budget? Try renting time-shares

04/20/2010 · Posted in Travel

With so many families on super tight budgets these days, vacations have not been on their priority lists. But what if you could take a great vacation for a super bargain price? Your ideal vacation may be to the beach, the mountains or to Disney World. Caryn Alexander owns a vacation time-share. She says it ...

School Budget Cuts: No End In Sight

04/16/2010 · Posted in PTA, PTO

Last year was not a good year for anyone’s wallet. But the recession is taking an extraordinary toll on school systems, as sweeping budgets cuts are enacted in cities and states nationwide. Experts say the budget crisis will be felt acutely this year and that it might only be the beginning. Education budgets are closely ...

VolunTourism – Catching On

04/13/2010 · Posted in Positive Impact

VolunTourism – combining traditional travel with volunteer work – is a rapidly growing trend. Last year, one-quarter of the travelers queried in the Voice of the Traveler survey by the Travel Industry Association said they were currently interested in taking a volunteer or service-based vacation. Baby Boomers formed the group expressing the strongest interest, and ...