We are Poking the Box

03/22/2011 · admin

Seth Godin has issued a new challenge to people around the world: Poke the Box.

“Poke the Box is about the spark that brings things to life. We need to be nudged away from conformity and toward ingenuity, toward answering unknown questions for ourselves. Even if we fail, as I have done many times in my life, we learn what not to do by experience and doing the new.

This isn’t the same thing as taking a risk. In fact, the riskiest thing we can do right now is nothing.”

-Seth Godin

At Geronimo.com, we are poking the box.

We have combined our experience (and lack of experience) in the vacation rental industry with our experience (and lack of experience) with raising money and now we’re poking the box.

3 Responses to “We are Poking the Box”

  1. We have a house at Marloth Park, South Africa,k 150m from the Kruger National Park boundary fence. It is a large 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms. spacious open plan living area and a large thatched entertainment area in a Wildlife Conservancy where game roam freely thought the unfenced properties. Do you think you will be able to get us any visitors?

  2. It doesn’t appear as though we replied to your comment. Apologies. Yes, we can help you. Just visit our website and complete the information on “list your house on Geronimo” page and we’ll go from there! Very easy. You provide us with inventory for the weeks you need filled and donate at least half the rent to charity.Once your listing is complete you can even post it on Craigslist. No charge. Please visit our site here and let us know if you have any other questions. http://www.geronimo.com/List

    Thanks so much for your interest and hope we can help!