Vacation Rental Property Managers: Super Charge Your SEO

10/23/2012 · Terri

We know how important it is to promote your properties, maximize revenues and make sure your promotions work well without hurting your search engine rankings.

What if there was an automated way to help your search rankings, increase revenues for you and your owners and help you do good with your spare weeks? Now there is and it’s called Geronimo.

We offer a free and easy solution to connect you to thousands of nonprofit, private label websites promoting your properties and all linking directly back to your website.  Imagine this promotion power and SEO benefit.  These nonprofits are continuously promoting your properties to their donors.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution to help fill shoulder season space or last minute cancelations, try Geronimo. You will fill vacant time at your properties and generate revenue (for you and for your owners) while helping charities raise money and you’ll receive your full commission on every reservation.

We’d love to help! To learn more and get started click here.


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