Do you need to fill last minute weeks? Here are some ideas

12/04/2012 · Terri

As a vacation rental manager or owner you know what it means to have last minute availability. This is a dilemma that has been challenging our industry for some time, until now. Today there are channels that help vacation rentals quickly distribute their inventory and there are many consumers who know there is a need to fill this gap and are searching the web for just this opportunity.

Geronimo Vacation Rentals for Charity is a great solution for all of your rental needs. Property managers and owners can post their listings on Geronimo for free. These listings will have the company logo and link back to your website to supercharge your SEO. There are currently over 1200 different charity websites featuring your inventory. You can focus your efforts on last minute and off-season inventory and get the benefit of a big SEO bump as we build out 1200+ websites for charities! Please visit the website to learn more and see how easy it is.

Not only does Geronimo Vacation Rentals for Charity promote your listings on charity websites but with your listing you can have a free Craigslist promotion too. Just log into your Geronimo account, go to “Your Properties” and you’ll see an easy way to get more free promotions!  Your ad will automatically post with photos and a nice description and features.

HomeAway knows there is a need to fill last minute availability too. To fulfill this interest with travelers they have created a “deal alert” for travelers to sign up for that highlights special offers to their favorite destinations. If you haven’t already secured your listing you can do so here.

Another perfect site for last minute fulfillment is PackLate. PackLate is an online marketplace for last-minute deals on vacation rentals. Members can browse the site for exclusive discounts — often up to 45% off — on properties in approximately 30 locations, primarily in California, Colorado and Florida.

Something that is fairly new to the vacation rental industry is the “switch” or “distribution concepts”.  Eric Mason owner/manager of the Linkedin Group Vacation Rental Professions recently said, “These platforms enable a supplier to elect to distribute their content and inventory to incremental sales channels, primarily B2C Vacation Rental Consumer Shopping Sites. The great thing about these channels is that they’re incremental to your own sales and marketing initiatives. Let’s face it, we all spend hard dollars to reach our immediate and known target consumer, these channels can help extend your reach to new consumers. It is important that a Supplier / Manager maintains their sales and marketing initiatives but in an ever increasing world of competition, leverage the tools that will make you successful.”

Do you have any other ideas to help fill last minute space? We’d love to hear them.




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