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That Gift: Is it to your organization or to the board member?

02/26/2014 · Posted in Fund Raising

Pick any nonprofit. Pick any Board of Directors. Pick any Board training and you will find your typical ‘top 5 ways’ for board members to raise money for your organization. With the exception of a few board governance models (e.g. Carver model), some would debate that a board member’s number one volunteer job function is ...

Boost Fundraising Power by Adding Golf to the Mix

02/20/2014 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising

Are you spending valuable time and staff resources scouring through donors, volunteers and acquaintances to find great items for your fundraising auction? While vacation getaways have always been a popular item, bringing in high dollars, golf can mean equally high income at your next fundraising auction. Your donors can enjoy a day of golf or ...

What Drives Young Donors?

02/06/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits

Nonprofit organizations are seeing, and feeling, the shift from one generation of donors to the next. While Baby Boomers and the Greatest Generation largely focused their charitable giving on healthcare, religious organizations and the arts, young donors seem to be driven by values, as well as results. The Frey Chair for Family Philanthropy program at ...