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Top 10 ways for Board Members to fundraise without asking for money

05/27/2014 · Posted in Fund Raising

The number 1 job function of most Nonprofit Board of Directors is fundraising. However, one of the main fears of volunteer Board Members is to ask for money. What is a nonprofit to do? Let us help you with a few ideas to get your Board Members moving along. Here are few ways to get ...

Donate a day! Get a vacation!

05/13/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits

Each year on the second Wednesday of May everyone is encouraged to “Donate a Day’s Wage to Charity”.  This nationally recognized day began in 2002 to bring awareness of giving to charities and how easy it can be. One day’s wage is 1/365 of what you earn in a year; that is only 0.27% of ...

Have fun. Will travel. Raise money.

05/09/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Travel

Do you remember your first vacation? You, know, the one with beautiful sunsets, sand between your toes, a morning cup of coffee from a mountain cabin view or laughter-filled afternoons making snow angles. Even the ones that might have involved way too much sunscreen lathered on or not enough, mosquito attacks, creepy-crawlers in your tent, ...