Donate a day! Get a vacation!

05/13/2014 · Terri

one days wagesEach year on the second Wednesday of May everyone is encouraged to “Donate a Day’s Wage to Charity”.  This nationally recognized day began in 2002 to bring awareness of giving to charities and how easy it can be. One day’s wage is 1/365 of what you earn in a year; that is only 0.27% of your annual income. So this week help your supporters give a day’s wage through various fun options. Obviously donors can give directly through your website but did you know your supporters can also give to you just by going on vacation? Yes, they can and Geronimo Vacation Rentals for Charity can help!

It’s easy! So this week on your website, social media, and your e-newsletter – in honor of “Donate a Day’s Wage to Charity” – encourage your donors to book their summer vacation now through Make sure they identify you as the beneficiary of the rental selection.  Or just go ahead and create your very own site at and gain access to vacations, golf and (soon) restaurant certificates for your next fundraiser!

Just imagine if your Board of Directors, closest volunteers, and generous supporters gave their day’s wage to your nonprofit organization and in return, received a vacation filled with summer of memories! Yes, beach resorts, golfing on the greens, skiing on the slopes and much more! Donors give a day and receive access to a vacation. Everyone benefits… your organization, your clients, your donors, and agency friends! Get started now with your own site at

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