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Cruise Through Travel Slow Downs

10/29/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing, Charity Events, Fund Raising

Ideally, any cruise company would only set sail with every stateroom filled. Since that is not always possible, how do you increase capacity during those down times, while stretching your marketing budget to fill future rooms? Why not consider making a donation to charity? Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise simplifies the process by doing the work for ...

Obtaining Sponsors for Nonprofit Events

10/22/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Fund Raising

Wouldn’t you love to tell your donors that every dollar raised at your event will go directly to fund the organization? This would mean having every dollar you spend on the event covered by a sponsorship or an in-kind donation. This IS possible, regardless of the size of your organization. Start out by considering what ...

Secrets to Securing Auction Donations

10/09/2014 · Posted in Charity Events

Every organization wants many and diverse items for their fundraising auction. The challenge is how to ask for, and receive, those items. Business owners can become weary of being asked for donations, which makes it imperative that your organization stands out from the crowd. A great starting point for securing the items you need for ...