Cruise Through Travel Slow Downs

10/29/2014 · Terri

OneSpareCruise logoIdeally, any cruise company would only set sail with every stateroom filled. Since that is not always possible, how do you increase capacity during those down times, while stretching your marketing budget to fill future rooms?

Why not consider making a donation to charity? Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise simplifies the process by doing the work for you. By setting up a free account at you will have access to Geronimo’s resources and connections. You decide what to donate and how many. You can also designate details such as the size of the travel party, length of the cruise, exclusions and travel dates. Your company will be automatically promoted at fundraising events. Geronimo creates flyers for the events in full color featuring your logo, cruise details and contact information. Your cruise company will be promoted to the charity donors and nonprofits.

Using Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise will also give you access to track your certificates purchased at charity auctions.

Depending on the auction, you could collect up to half of the proceeds of the sale, as well as knowing that the winning bidder is a prime candidate to purchase add-ons, upgrades and extensions during their cruise.

A great way to maximize free tools, such as One Spare Cruise, is to also use to help identify forecasted slow travel periods. These are the slots where you can choose to donate a cruise to charity.

What better way to fill future cruises than to show potential customers what they’ll experience when they sign up for the next cruise. Sign up for your free account at For more also see our slide presentation

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