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11/04/2014 · Terri

No consignmentHave you ever experienced the excitement of a successful fundraising auction, only to hit the bottom in disappointment after realizing that the bulk of your “profit” has to be paid to the company that provided many or your largest items? You start to wonder if all the work to put this great event together was really worth it.

When you offer items from a consignment company, that company could end up with as much as 80% of your donors winning bid. This could mean a big loss for your organization in more ways than one. Not only have you lost out on 100% of the funds that donor planned to give to your nonprofit, you may lose your donors trust as well.

TravelPledge offers an alternative to those pricey auction providers. If you want to keep it simple and maximize your profits, take a look at what TravelPledge has to offer. You will be connected directly to the generous business owners who donate their items to help your organization. This allows you to eliminate consignment costs. Business Owners who participate with our program donate at least half of the value of the certificate they provide. Many businesses choose to donate 100% of the value.

For your part, all that is necessary is for you to promote the generous business to the donors at your event. We’ll help with the promotion as well, creating the gift certificates and flyers that will catch the attention of your donors.

Cruises, golf getaways, musical lessons, vacation tours and more could be among the great items offered at your next auction. Start planning now and get on board with TravelPledge!

For more, watch this video about Consignment items at fundraising events:


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