A New Take on Tour Donations

12/03/2014 · Terri

OneSpareTourLet the world know about your tour packages and let your tours equal much needed funds for a local charity.

The next time a charity knocks on your door requesting a donation for their upcoming auction, make it an easy “yes” by using Geronimo Solution’s One Spare Tour program.  An investment of 10 minutes to setup your free account will save you time in the long run. We will do everything for you including ensuring that your company is automatically promoted at fundraising events. We will produce color flyers that feature your photo, logo, tour details, and contact information. Your company will reap the benefits of being promoted among donors while helping a great cause.

You have the freedom to select valid dates, how many certificates you will donate, party size and more. Use your donation to help fill-in your typically slow season and offer a great deal for add-ons, such as souvenir or dining packages.

One Spare Tour has set the stage for a win-win-win between your company, your new customer and the charity. This great relationship could mean a returning customer and more “word-of-mouth” promotion from the happy bidder.

It’s easy to get started, just visit www.onesparetour.com to create your free account and get ready to say “yes” to the next charity to make a request! For more please also see our slide presentation



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