Fitness Classes Fund Nonprofits

03/12/2015 · Terri

OneSpareLessonHave you seen the New Year’s surge start to fizzle at your fitness center, gym or personal training service? Maybe you started the year with a great business goal for the new year, but now you are wondering how you will see it come to fruition.

Consider donating to a charity to reach your goal. How can giving a piece of your business away help increase business? Donate a session through Geronimo’s OneSpareLesson and you’ll receive marketing exposure in addition to the goodwill created by your donation.  Your services will be introduced to local donors who have the disposable income to purchase additional classes, add-ons and share their experience with their friends.

You will be able to set the parameters for your donation. You can select valid dates that will help fill-in your typically slow season and offer a great deal for additional sessions. This is a great opportunity to build a long-term relationship with a new client.

Geronimo has made donating to charity easy for you and easy for the charity of your choice.

When you register your business for on OneSpareLesson the details are taken care of for you, even down to creating your certificate for the auction.

The next time a charity knocks on your door seeking a donation for their upcoming event, jump in and say “yes”! Be sure to tell them to create an account at in order to take advantage or your generous donation!


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