Raffles Are A Great Way To Raise Money At Your Fundraiser

01/19/2016 · Terri
travelpledge clipHave you ever considered a Raffle for your Fundraising event?
Sometimes you don’t have a lot of folks that want to cut a $7,000 check in attendance at your silent/live auction event. There is an easy way to maximize your donations from the attendees that are there to cut much smaller checks but still want to support your organization. It’s called a RAFFLE. There is a full guide to raffles here, and they can be quite productive for your organization!
The concept behind a raffle is simple: guests purchase tickets at a certain price each in hopes of winning one or more prizes offered by the organization. The proceeds from these raffles are then donated to charity. Ranging from small, intimate gatherings to large events with dozens to thousands of people, raffles can be held by any size organization – particularly if done correctly! In fact, as mentioned before, raffles offer near unlimited potential for success, as they are low cost and can bring good exposure to your organization and the event you are organizing. All you need to do is sell the tickets, market your event, and dot your I’s and cross your T’s, and you are sure to have a fantastic night!

Sell 200 raffle $50 tickets to your supporters for a chance to win an amazing experience like a dove hunt in Argentina. This brings in a total of $10,000. Subtract your (greatly reduced thanks to Geronimo Solutions) cost of this amazing experience ($3,650) and your organization just realized a net donation of $6,350.

Dove Hunting
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