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Auction Bidding, Meet Simple

04/28/2016 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising

Printing bid paddles, matching bid number lists, assigning numbers to each bidder… now you can check them all off your list with one click, or app download in this case. Handbid is the latest and greatest in auction technology and will open your auction up to bidders across the room or across the country. By ...


04/15/2016 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising

April 15th, 2016 is more than just the deadline to file your taxes. This year, April 15th is also the official Microvolunteering Day around the world. What exactly is microvolunteering? The website describes it broadly as “bite-sized, on-demand, no commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause.” In other words, microvolunteering opens the door of ...