Great Reasons to Visit our Website

01/10/2017 · Terri

We’ve been very busy. We’d like to invite you to visit TravelPledge to see just how we busy we’ve been.

TravelPledge is now featuring $7,031,199 in fun experiences (golf, vacations, cruises, etc)  that you can enjoy and generate a nice donation at the same time, and we have built over 4,100 private label websites for non-profit organizations.  So it’s easy for these non-profits to raise money by simply encouraging their supporters to go have fun.

vaca quad pic2

For Non-Profits: Go to to learn more.  Our solutions make it easy to get fun experiences for your next fundraiser, and as a bonus we’ll build you a custom branded fundraising website for your organization to promote to its donors.

New Stuff:  For several years, we’ve been developing technology to help non-profits connect with generous businesses.  We now help golf event planners find the right courses for their fundraisers ( and to help golf course managers manage requests from charities (OneSpareTeeTime).  See all of our latest platforms here.

Please take a moment to explore our platforms and help us spread the word.  Thanks in advance for your continued support!


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