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Watch Your Words

07/08/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

Words matter. Whether you are developing just the right subject line to get your emails opened or an exciting introduction to encourage the recipient to read on, it seems every word can make a difference. While we often read ideas of the words we should use in email marketing, how do we know which words ...

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Social media ideas for nonprofits: Foursquare

06/18/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

The buzz right now is obviously social media. Should your organization be on it? What platform should you use? How often? When should you post? How can you raise money online?  You probably have more questions than answers. Your board probably also has lots of requests for social media and how to get the biggest ...

Are you using the right pronouns? Maybe it’s time for change

04/25/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

In today’s world, your organization must be represented in various markets and outlets to maintain that competitive edge for fund development. Depending on your donor demographic, your printed newsletter may be a significant income stream that you rely on each year. While thinking beyond your printed materials… how is your online news going? Traditional social ...

Making the most of your local social impact

04/16/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

Have you ever purchased a yogurt, drink, cereal bar, or a frozen TV dinner because of a pink ribbon? If you have, you are one of the nearly majority of the population who has done so. According to the 20-year research, 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study, tracked U.S. consumers and determined that 54% bought ...

Where Giving is Going

03/06/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing, Fund Raising

Do you ever wonder how you can help a good cause. Lots of us want to do something. Often we don’t know where or how to start. Well, we found a few ways to make giving easy, fulfilling, and a part of your regular activities. It’s easy! For example, here at Geronimo we have collected ...