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How To Host A Successful PTO Fundraising Auction

09/04/2012 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising, PTO

Are you organizing a fundraising auction for your PTO and feel a bit overwhelmed? You’re not alone. So we’ve put together this post to help organize a great fundraiser and get parents involved. Although fundraising auctions require a great deal of time they can reap the greatest benefit for your PTO. The financial gain is ...

School Budget Cuts: No End In Sight

04/16/2010 · Posted in PTA, PTO

Last year was not a good year for anyone’s wallet. But the recession is taking an extraordinary toll on school systems, as sweeping budgets cuts are enacted in cities and states nationwide. Experts say the budget crisis will be felt acutely this year and that it might only be the beginning. Education budgets are closely ...