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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…Avoid Scams!

02/07/2013 · Posted in Vacation Rental Industry

Vacation rentals are becoming a more popular choice among travelers. They offer more space, conveniences and are generally more economical than a typical hotel room.  As more people choose to stay in vacation rentals more opportunists come out of the woodwork. Imagine finally arriving at your vacation rental with your family after a long flight ...

Does Your Vacation Rental Need A Competitive Makeover?

01/31/2013 · Posted in Vacation Rental Industry

In today’s market there are many factors that set one vacation rental apart from another. It could be marketing, booking engines, management company performance, pure market demand and so much more. What many owners and operators unfortunately overlook is the aesthetics of the rental. Take a look at the two options below and tell us, ...

Do you need to fill last minute weeks? Here are some ideas

12/04/2012 · Posted in Vacation Rental Industry

As a vacation rental manager or owner you know what it means to have last minute availability. This is a dilemma that has been challenging our industry for some time, until now. Today there are channels that help vacation rentals quickly distribute their inventory and there are many consumers who know there is a need ...