Year End Giving – It’s Not Too Late

12/18/2014 · Terri

HOliday 2 giving Vacation Rentals for CharityIt’s mid-December and you haven’t sent out a year-end appeal. You’re overwhelmed thinking about how you will get it all done in the little bit of time that is left. Knowing that most non-profits raise a significant portion of their budget during the last 4 – 6 weeks of the year, as much as a quarter of their total year giving, you don’t want to miss this season of giving, but is it too late?

It’s never too late to ask for a year-end gift! It’s time to put your social media skills to use.

Begin by crafting an “ask” as an email and use your website and social media sites to support the ask. Use the same theme throughout. Some nonprofits are even piloting texting programs for their donors. Be sure not to overuse this privilege to text your donors. You can ask without becoming a nuisance.


A New Take on Tour Donations

12/03/2014 · Terri

OneSpareTourLet the world know about your tour packages and let your tours equal much needed funds for a local charity.

The next time a charity knocks on your door requesting a donation for their upcoming auction, make it an easy “yes” by using Geronimo Solution’s One Spare Tour program.  An investment of 10 minutes to setup your free account will save you time in the long run. We will do everything for you including ensuring that your company is automatically promoted at fundraising events. We will produce color flyers that feature your photo, logo, tour details, and contact information. Your company will reap the benefits of being promoted among donors while helping a great cause.



11/20/2014 · Terri

GivingTuesdayNonprofit organizations can sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of the events and holidays at the end of the year. Your donors, just like everyone else, are focused on family, shopping and the many activities they are expected to attend.

This year, your organization can offer your donors a new perspective on the season. #GivingTuesday was launched in 2012 with the idea that during this busy time, nonprofits can turn the eyes of their community to giving back for just one day.

By launching a social media blitz with the hashtag #GivingTuesday, your organization will be part of a global movement focused on giving. The campaign will help kick-start your year-end giving and bring awareness to your organization.

One way that you can maximize your impact on this day of giving is to launch your campaign early. Let your online community know about #GivingTuesday and that you are part of it. Give families something to talk about around the Thanksgiving table. Many families begin to set their Christmas plans during Thanksgiving. Get them talking about #GivingTuesday and how they can start a new tradition. Create a hashtag unique to your organization that promotes you along with the day of giving.


Keep It Simple – Maximize Your Profit

11/04/2014 · Terri

No consignmentHave you ever experienced the excitement of a successful fundraising auction, only to hit the bottom in disappointment after realizing that the bulk of your “profit” has to be paid to the company that provided many or your largest items? You start to wonder if all the work to put this great event together was really worth it.

When you offer items from a consignment company, that company could end up with as much as 80% of your donors winning bid. This could mean a big loss for your organization in more ways than one. Not only have you lost out on 100% of the funds that donor planned to give to your nonprofit, you may lose your donors trust as well.


Cruise Through Travel Slow Downs

10/29/2014 · Terri

OneSpareCruise logoIdeally, any cruise company would only set sail with every stateroom filled. Since that is not always possible, how do you increase capacity during those down times, while stretching your marketing budget to fill future rooms?

Why not consider making a donation to charity? Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise simplifies the process by doing the work for you. By setting up a free account at you will have access to Geronimo’s resources and connections. You decide what to donate and how many. You can also designate details such as the size of the travel party, length of the cruise, exclusions and travel dates. Your company will be automatically promoted at fundraising events. Geronimo creates flyers for the events in full color featuring your logo, cruise details and contact information. Your cruise company will be promoted to the charity donors and nonprofits.

Using Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise will also give you access to track your certificates purchased at charity auctions.