Pre-Bidding Equals Auction Success

04.24.2017 · Terri are the days of paper bidding sheets and limited auctions. Welcome to the world of online auctions and increased event revenue.

Current technology can bring the bidder to you or you to the bidder, days, or even weeks, before your auction. Bidders can be in your home town or on the other side of the world and still bid in real time, or even ahead of time. Are your best donors out of town during an event? Don’t let them miss out. Be sure they not only know that they can log on and bid, but show them how, and encourage them to bid early!



04.17.2017 · Terri

For your next fundraiser, include a flexible vacation voucher in your auction for a luxury getaway and let your bidders select a destination and residence of their choosing (valued at $10,000). Your winning bidders will select from a portfolio, comprised of luxury homes within the Quintess Collection, that has a rotating inventory of various weeks in luxurious residences in more than 100 destinations ready to be booked within a 120-day window!


Marketing to Millennials

04.07.2017 · Terri Millennials that marketing firms have been preparing for have arrived. The Millennial generation are today’s recent college graduates and rising corporate stars. They are also the prime audience for nonprofits as organizations seek to build revenue and replace volunteers and donors who have stepped off the proverbial Ferris wheel.

In order for nonprofits to successfully reach, and engage, this group of busy prospects, nonprofits must make sure they know how much their time, talent and treasure are worth to your organization. In today’s technology-driven, fast-paced, over-stimulated environment, how can your organization bring this to fruition? It might be easier than you think.


Vital Volunteers

03.28.2017 · Terri

Volunteer thank youVolunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization, and showing appreciation to the dedicated team who keeps your organization operating is vital. The calendar offers plenty of opportunities to recognize volunteers, as well as recruit new team members. Know how to maximize these dates for your organization.

The last week of April is designated as National Volunteer Week, with many using April 20th as Volunteer Appreciation Day. Your organization can choose to recognize and thank volunteers during either or both of these widely acknowledged appreciation opportunities.


Get Creative with Tricky Trays

03.17.2017 · Terri

auction items aHow can you get creative with Tricky Trays if you aren’t sure what they are? Tricky Trays are a type of auction that allows the bidder to purchase chances to win and place them for a chance to win the item or items of their choice. Trick Trays usually involved gift baskets or packaged items.

So, what do you need to get your Tricky Tray event started? Add chance tickets to your list. You can use standard raffle tickets, or get creative with a themed ticket or entry slip, depending on your event. Your guests will want to write their identifying information and contact information on each individual slip. This will allow you to contact them if they are the winner of an item, as well as add them to your outreach lists.