Tax Implications for Vacation Rental Donations – Get the FAQ’s

04/16/2011 · admin

It’s not surprising vacation home owners, rental managers and even tax professionals have questions about the tax laws applicable to donating time at a vacation rental. That’s why Geronimo Vacation Rentals for Charity, and OneSpareWeek, created a document that will help answer these questions.


We’ve published a short document that highlights all of the tax implications of vacation rental properties including the 14 day rule, silent auction purchases,  and more.  Please, check it out by clicking here. on the Radio

03/27/2011 · admin

This week, and for weeks to come, will be on SiriusXM Radio nationwide. You can listen to a few of the spots right here on our blog:

Geronimo 30 second radio spot

Geronimo 60 second radio spot

We are Poking the Box

03/22/2011 · admin

Seth Godin has issued a new challenge to people around the world: Poke the Box.

“Poke the Box is about the spark that brings things to life. We need to be nudged away from conformity and toward ingenuity, toward answering unknown questions for ourselves. Even if we fail, as I have done many times in my life, we learn what not to do by experience and doing the new.

This isn’t the same thing as taking a risk. In fact, the riskiest thing we can do right now is nothing.”

-Seth Godin

At, we are poking the box.

We have combined our experience (and lack of experience) in the vacation rental industry with our experience (and lack of experience) with raising money and now we’re poking the box.

Volunteer Vacations – Redux

04/21/2010 · admin

Taking a volunteer vacation is a great way to explore a location while giving a little back to the community that you are visiting. Not only will you get to know some of the locals and other volunteers, you’ll also be able to see first-hand how your contribution is helping. It’s travel with a bit of altruism, and for many it can be a rewarding — and even life-changing — experience.

Gap Adventures is currently running a 10 percent off sale on their voluntourism trips, which means you can help a community while you save a bit of money. There are over a dozen tours to choose from, and the discount is good through the end of April.


Vacationing on a budget? Try renting time-shares

04/20/2010 · admin

With so many families on super tight budgets these days, vacations have not been on their priority lists. But what if you could take a great vacation for a super bargain price?

Your ideal vacation may be to the beach, the mountains or to Disney World. Caryn Alexander owns a vacation time-share. She says it has allowed her family to take some great trips all over the place.


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