04/15/2016 · Terri

microvolunteeringApril 15th, 2016 is more than just the deadline to file your taxes. This year, April 15th is also the official Microvolunteering Day around the world.

What exactly is microvolunteering? The Microvolunteeringday.com website describes it broadly as “bite-sized, on-demand, no commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause.” In other words, microvolunteering opens the door of volunteering to those connected to their screens and with little time to give at a physical location.


Your Solution to Spending Less Time Accomplishing More

03/31/2016 · Terri

silent-auction-event-photo3Geronimo Vacation Rentals for CharityThere are so many wonderful causes out there. Some touch our hearts, others raise awareness, while some help a child play baseball. No matter what the cause there’s always someone there who is working behind the scenes to help that cause function on a day to day basis.

Often times the individual running the organization has a full plate and doesn’t have time to organize a fundraising event.  There’s so much involved. It’s hard to find and collect items to auction or raffle, let alone organize the event, send out the invitations and so much more.   But when all this is done and everything comes together there’s nothing more rewarding.

That’s why TravelPledge was created. We know procuring items to auction and promoting everything is time consuming. TravelPledge helps an event organizer easily collect golf, vacations, lessons, and more. We even have the ability to ask for donations from more golf courses with a push of button. This means no more phone calls and waiting for a return call. No more driving from establishment to establishment asking for a donation. We also provide the ability to promote your event and the experiences right from your account.

Don’t take our word for it. See what others are saying…

I found out about TravelPledge when I went to a local golf course soliciting items for a Silent Auction that we were having. Working with TravelPledge was a great experience.  The staff was extremely helpful and the process was very easy.  We raised over $800 using TravelPledge for just a few items at our Silent Auction with very little effort on our part.  I highly recommend using them to help raise funds for your organization.

Dan Stevens, Richardson East Church of Christ


“The Travel Pledge program is fantastic. The selection of trips available on Travel Pledge have provided us at Susan G. Komen Lexington a unique way to enhance our silent and live auction at fundraising events, as well as given us a way for constituents to support us doing something many do anyways—vacation! We are lucky to partner with Travel Pledge in creating fun and memorable experiences for our patrons, and it has provided us with an additional stream of income to help in the local fight against breast cancer.”

 -Natasha Milby, Director of Finance & Operations at Susan G. Komen Lexington


The customer service and level of attentiveness at Travelpledge is superb.  We also love the trips and items that are available, they have really boosted our performance at auctions.  We highly recommend Travelpledge!  — The IMS Team


We love that we can help so many organizations with their fundraising efforts and help them save time while, at the same time, really impressing their supporters. We’d love to do the same for you. Get started today with TravelPledge.

Top Auction Items and Where to Find Them

03/03/2016 · Terri

auction eventThe date is set, the location is secured and your donors are ready to open their wallets. It’s up to you to maximize donations by offering the best of the best auction items, but where do you begin?

The first place to start is with your supporters. Put the word out in your newsletter, social media and on your website that you are accepting donations for your fundraising auction. Encourage folks to get creative with their donations and go beyond gift cards and gift baskets. Some of your local shops are likely to have unique items or local art pieces.


Professional Event Planners or Volunteers?

02/04/2016 · Terri

TP Black BackgroundEvery nonprofit faces the question when looking at their fundraising events for the year. Do we put our fundraising event budget in the hands of volunteers or do we hire or contract with a professional event planner?

Hiring a professional may seem like a no brainer for some organizations, while others are struggling to pay the staff already onboard. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but let’s take a look at the volunteer option.

Volunteers are so often the key to great events, including fundraising auctions. After all, they are a sampling of your potential donor audience. Volunteers understand what attracted them to your organization and can share that passion with others as they work to make your event great.


Raffles Are A Great Way To Raise Money At Your Fundraiser

01/19/2016 · Terri
travelpledge clipHave you ever considered a Raffle for your Fundraising event?
Sometimes you don’t have a lot of folks that want to cut a $7,000 check in attendance at your silent/live auction event. There is an easy way to maximize your donations from the attendees that are there to cut much smaller checks but still want to support your organization. It’s called a RAFFLE. There is a full guide to raffles here, and they can be quite productive for your organization!