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Top 10 ways for Board Members to fundraise without asking for money

05/27/2014 · Posted in Fund Raising

The number 1 job function of most Nonprofit Board of Directors is fundraising. However, one of the main fears of volunteer Board Members is to ask for money. What is a nonprofit to do? Let us help you with a few ideas to get your Board Members moving along. Here are few ways to get ...

National Volunteer Week: April 21-27, 2013

04/22/2013 · Posted in Charity Events

This month we celebrate National Volunteer Week from April 21 – 27. It’s a busy time when most nonprofits spend at least a day of that week recognizing and thanking volunteers. However, are they thanking the board? Board members are no different from volunteers. They donate their time out of love for the mission. They offer their ...

The Power Of Giving Trends

11/01/2012 · Posted in Fund Raising

As the year comes to an end many non-profit organizations will begin putting together their 2013 budget and fundraising plan. To make the most of our budget and build an outstanding marketing plan consider looking at the giving trends rather than just the numbers. As board members and leaders of a non-profit organization our first ...