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Keep It Simple – Maximize Your Profit

11/04/2014 · Posted in Fund Raising

Have you ever experienced the excitement of a successful fundraising auction, only to hit the bottom in disappointment after realizing that the bulk of your “profit” has to be paid to the company that provided many or your largest items? You start to wonder if all the work to put this great event together was ...

Which Event Would You Rather Host for Your Non-Profit?

12/10/2013 · Posted in Fund Raising

There are a ton of great resources available to help non-profit fundraising efforts. LinkedIn Groups is one of our favorites.  Here, at TravelPledge we have been inspired and compelled to join in many discussions that help us stay relevant and supportive of our non-profit partners. One particular LinkedIn group that has peeked our interest is ...

Fundraisers: Silent and Live Auctions – The Painful Truths of Consignment

12/03/2013 · Posted in Fund Raising

We are often asked by non-profit event organizers to compare our program to “consignment” programs that they may have used (and typically have had bad experiences with). We did a little research, and we quickly discovered why so many non-profits shy away from consignment. The good news is that we found that it is very easy ...