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2018 Fundraiser Plan: 5 Tips To Secure Charitable Success

01/23/2018 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Fund Raising

It’s a new year and the perfect time to evaluate your fundraising initiatives. Now even if your previous plan does not require a complete overhaul, establishing an updated strategy, schedule, and goals will allow your organization to focus on heightened preparedness and execution. To help you ensure that your 2018 fundraising plan is positioned for ...

Avoid The Summer Donation Dip

05/10/2016 · Posted in Cause Marketing, Fund Raising

For all of us who work in a nonprofit organization, or with one, you have no doubt encountered the summer season decline in giving. The on-set of summer in the nonprofit world can bring on stress, endless planning sessions and even cutbacks if your fundraising strategy does not effectively recognize this season’s challenges. But it ...

Opportunity Knocks for Your Donors and for your Organization.

12/19/2015 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Fund Raising

For all our TravelPledge partners your supporters have an opportunity to enjoy a four day Caribbean cruise January 21st, 2016. Supporters of your charitable organization (plus friends/family) can enjoy a four day Caribbean cruise,January 21st, 2016. Here are some important details: Your supporter saves $384. Your organization receives $614! Very limited number of these are available ...