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Make Your Story Equal Donations

08/27/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Fund Raising

As nonprofit organizations we all have a story to tell. A story of our clients, a story of donors, and even the story of the history of our organization. We are all well aware that the stories are what bring in the donations. While the story still has an important place in donor relations and ...

Summer Donation Dip

07/16/2014 · Posted in Fund Raising

If you work in a nonprofit organization, you have no doubt encountered the summer season decline in giving. The on-set of summer in the nonprofit world can bring on stress, endless planning sessions and even cutbacks if your fundraising strategy does not effectively recognize this season’s challenges. Summer is the time to continue to build ...

Watch Your Words

07/08/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

Words matter. Whether you are developing just the right subject line to get your emails opened or an exciting introduction to encourage the recipient to read on, it seems every word can make a difference. While we often read ideas of the words we should use in email marketing, how do we know which words ...

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Social media ideas for nonprofits: Foursquare

06/18/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing

The buzz right now is obviously social media. Should your organization be on it? What platform should you use? How often? When should you post? How can you raise money online?  You probably have more questions than answers. Your board probably also has lots of requests for social media and how to get the biggest ...

Have fun. Will travel. Raise money.

05/09/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits, Travel

Do you remember your first vacation? You, know, the one with beautiful sunsets, sand between your toes, a morning cup of coffee from a mountain cabin view or laughter-filled afternoons making snow angles. Even the ones that might have involved way too much sunscreen lathered on or not enough, mosquito attacks, creepy-crawlers in your tent, ...