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A New Take on Tour Donations

12/03/2014 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising, Travel

Let the world know about your tour packages and let your tours equal much needed funds for a local charity. The next time a charity knocks on your door requesting a donation for their upcoming auction, make it an easy “yes” by using Geronimo Solution’s One Spare Tour program.  An investment of 10 minutes to ...

Promote Your Lessons at Charity Events – Free Automated Solution!

08/13/2014 · Posted in Cause Marketing, Fund Raising

Have you ever considered donating your talent to charity to help them raise some extra money? Golf lessons, guitar lessons, cooking lessons, skating lessons, personal fitness, … all of these and more could make a big difference (lesson by lesson) to a charity in need in your community. While donating a guitar lesson to a ...