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Countdown to Year End

10/28/2015 · Posted in Fund Raising

If you haven’t put your year end fundraising plan in place, there’s still time, but not much. It’s time to get busy and put your nonprofit on display to earn those year end donations. With one-third of all charitable giving happening during the last quarter of the year, you can’t afford to miss out. As ...

Alternative Marketing Methods

06/11/2015 · Posted in Cause Marketing

In today’s technology centered environment, nonprofits can struggle to find their voice in reaching donors. With so many options revolving around social media, as well as traditional marketing methods, how can you get your message through to your donor, and potential donor, loud and clear? In the past, a business could easily choose radio advertising ...

Which Event Would You Rather Host for Your Non-Profit?

12/10/2013 · Posted in Fund Raising

There are a ton of great resources available to help non-profit fundraising efforts. LinkedIn Groups is one of our favorites.  Here, at TravelPledge we have been inspired and compelled to join in many discussions that help us stay relevant and supportive of our non-profit partners. One particular LinkedIn group that has peeked our interest is ...