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The Impact of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – A Year Later

08/27/2015 · Posted in Fund Raising

Last year a social media phenomenon took off across the country and the world and resulted in record-breaking fundraising for one cause. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than 100 million dollars for charities related to ALS and finding a cure. At the time the challenge began, some raised concerns regarding the method. The ...

Fundraising Ethics

07/21/2015 · Posted in Fund Raising

Fundraising activities for nonprofits are regulated by state laws. But what if they weren’t? What would your nonprofit do to prove to donors and your community that your organization is trustworthy and accountable? The answers might be simpler than you think. Every nonprofit should follow best practices when it comes to donor relations and fundraising. ...

Keeping Donors On Your Team

02/26/2015 · Posted in Fund Raising

You work hard all year to secure new donors and keep current donors happy and engaged. When a reliable donor stops giving, it can be easy to take it personally. Identifying the reasons donors leave is the first step in retaining them. Guidestar recently published an infographic on why donors leave (compared to why customers ...