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Donate a day! Get a vacation!

05/13/2014 · Posted in Charities/Not-For-Profits

Each year on the second Wednesday of May everyone is encouraged to “Donate a Day’s Wage to Charity”.  This nationally recognized day began in 2002 to bring awareness of giving to charities and how easy it can be. One day’s wage is 1/365 of what you earn in a year; that is only 0.27% of ...

Boost Fundraising Power by Adding Golf to the Mix

02/20/2014 · Posted in Charity Events, Fund Raising

Are you spending valuable time and staff resources scouring through donors, volunteers and acquaintances to find great items for your fundraising auction? While vacation getaways have always been a popular item, bringing in high dollars, golf can mean equally high income at your next fundraising auction. Your donors can enjoy a day of golf or ...