Summer Donation Dip

07.16.2014 · Terri

fiscal cliff 2If you work in a nonprofit organization, you have no doubt encountered the summer season decline in giving. The on-set of summer in the nonprofit world can bring on stress, endless planning sessions and even cutbacks if your fundraising strategy does not effectively recognize this season’s challenges.

Summer is the time to continue to build on the relationships you have been investing in throughout the year, and to remind donors that your needs continue, even if they might be on vacation.


Watch Your Words

07.08.2014 · Terri

words have powerWords matter. Whether you are developing just the right subject line to get your emails opened or an exciting introduction to encourage the recipient to read on, it seems every word can make a difference. While we often read ideas of the words we should use in email marketing, how do we know which words to avoid?

Some words are simply overused, while others may alert a reader to marketing tactics or gimmicks. Still others may send your finely crafted email straight to the spam folder. Either way, these are words that you may want to try to avoid if you want to stand out from the email crowd.


Social media ideas for nonprofits: Foursquare

06.18.2014 · Terri

social handThe buzz right now is obviously social media. Should your organization be on it? What platform should you use? How often? When should you post? How can you raise money online?  You probably have more questions than answers. Your board probably also has lots of requests for social media and how to get the biggest return on investment online.   So let us help you figure it out with a few pointers.

Here is an option that could benefit your fund development efforts. You have probably heard of the more popular Facebook and Twitter but what about Foursquare for nonprofits?


Top 10 ways for Board Members to fundraise without asking for money

05.27.2014 · Terri

nonprofit bodThe number 1 job function of most Nonprofit Board of Directors is fundraising. However, one of the main fears of volunteer Board Members is to ask for money. What is a nonprofit to do? Let us help you with a few ideas to get your Board Members moving along. Here are few ways to get your volunteers fundraising through appreciation and awareness without even asking for one dollar. (more…)

Donate a day! Get a vacation!

05.13.2014 · Terri

one days wagesEach year on the second Wednesday of May everyone is encouraged to “Donate a Day’s Wage to Charity”.  This nationally recognized day began in 2002 to bring awareness of giving to charities and how easy it can be. One day’s wage is 1/365 of what you earn in a year; that is only 0.27% of your annual income. So this week help your supporters give a day’s wage through various fun options. Obviously donors can give directly through your website but did you know your supporters can also give to you just by going on vacation? Yes, they can and Geronimo Vacation Rentals for Charity can help!