Invest in Helping Nonprofit Organizations in the New Year

01.28.2015 · Terri

helping handsIn the midst of cuts in government funding to nonprofits and greater competition for funding among community service organizations, a great opportunity is available for businesses to step in and help.

As a business leader in your community, you may be wondering what you can do to help your local nonprofits. Businesses can provide many resources for their nonprofit neighbors. Offer to use your business know-how to consult for the nonprofit closest to your heart. Is your expertise marketing? Offer to review their marketing plan or train a staff member on social media. You can serve as an advocate for the nonprofit of your choice by using your business as the mouthpiece.


New Year New Fundraising Plan

01.22.2015 · Terri

2015 fundraisingThe new year brings about resolutions, cleaning out closets, all things new. Why shouldn’t your fundraising plan be among the items getting a makeover this time of year.

While some aspects of fundraising won’t and shouldn’t change, such as building relationships with current and prospective donors, it may be time for some others to head a new direction.

For the past couple of years, the donor trend has been that they no longer give out of obligation, as the Greatest Generation did, they want to see impact. So, show them results! Beef up your marketing budget if necessary and invest in top of the line collateral that shows impact. Tell your story, use pictures, share numbers. The money will be well spent.

As part of your effort to show impact, be sure to tell your donors where their money went, exactly. Did $52 of their donation allow an elderly person to achieve independence by providing needed medical equipment? Will $168 buy three hot meals a day for a homeless family for a week? Tell them exactly how their donation breaks down and who it impacted. Tell your story with pictures of through video featured on social media.

The women of the Baby Boomer generation are today’s largest donors. Invest your time and effort with these women. They have ideas, they have a heart for your mission and they have the funds to support you. Pay attention to them.


Social Media New Years Resolutions for Nonprofits

01.13.2015 · Terri

social handIn 2014 it is likely that your nonprofit had already ventured into the ever-growing world of social media. If your organization has mastered Facebook and Twitter, rest assured, you have only begun to take hold of all that social media has to offer. As we step into 2015 it’s time to take your social media a step or two farther.

Consider starting a blog. The blog can share anything from a day in the life of those you serve to important information that your donors could use in every day life. Your blog can help boost the rest of your social media plan as you share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. A blog allows you to share more information than a reader might be willing to read in a simple FB post.


Year End Giving – It’s Not Too Late

12.18.2014 · Terri

HOliday 2 giving Vacation Rentals for CharityIt’s mid-December and you haven’t sent out a year-end appeal. You’re overwhelmed thinking about how you will get it all done in the little bit of time that is left. Knowing that most non-profits raise a significant portion of their budget during the last 4 – 6 weeks of the year, as much as a quarter of their total year giving, you don’t want to miss this season of giving, but is it too late?

It’s never too late to ask for a year-end gift! It’s time to put your social media skills to use.

Begin by crafting an “ask” as an email and use your website and social media sites to support the ask. Use the same theme throughout. Some nonprofits are even piloting texting programs for their donors. Be sure not to overuse this privilege to text your donors. You can ask without becoming a nuisance.


A New Take on Tour Donations

12.03.2014 · Terri

OneSpareTourLet the world know about your tour packages and let your tours equal much needed funds for a local charity.

The next time a charity knocks on your door requesting a donation for their upcoming auction, make it an easy “yes” by using Geronimo Solution’s One Spare Tour program.  An investment of 10 minutes to setup your free account will save you time in the long run. We will do everything for you including ensuring that your company is automatically promoted at fundraising events. We will produce color flyers that feature your photo, logo, tour details, and contact information. Your company will reap the benefits of being promoted among donors while helping a great cause.