Know Your Audience

02.07.2017 · Terri

While planning your fundraising auction there are plenty of great models and best practices to follow. Trends for fundraising auctions are readily available with a quick internet search. However, one thing all of this research can’t do for you is probably the most important key to the success of your auction. Know your audience.

Nonprofit direction signIt may sound like Marketing 101, but this is a fundamental piece for your fundraising auction. Knowing your audience will determine what direction you take when seeking and securing auction items, as well as how you market the event.

Before you attempt to determine what type of auction items to secure, you will need to know your audience’s price range. Having an event full of items with a price point that is too low will leave money on the table. Price points that are too high can alienate your donors and lead to an auction that fizzles fast. Either way, that equals a lack of funds to operate your organization. Who are your event attendees. Are they prior donors? Consider what you know about them. Do they hold season tickets to the symphony, a sports team or memberships in social clubs? Gathering the information you already know about them will help you determine the right price range for items overall.


Great Reasons to Visit our Website

01.10.2017 · Terri

We’ve been very busy. We’d like to invite you to visit TravelPledge to see just how we busy we’ve been.

TravelPledge is now featuring $7,031,199 in fun experiences (golf, vacations, cruises, etc)  that you can enjoy and generate a nice donation at the same time, and we have built over 4,100 private label websites for non-profit organizations.  So it’s easy for these non-profits to raise money by simply encouraging their supporters to go have fun.

vaca quad pic2

For Non-Profits: Go to to learn more.  Our solutions make it easy to get fun experiences for your next fundraiser, and as a bonus we’ll build you a custom branded fundraising website for your organization to promote to its donors.

New Stuff:  For several years, we’ve been developing technology to help non-profits connect with generous businesses.  We now help golf event planners find the right courses for their fundraisers ( and to help golf course managers manage requests from charities (OneSpareTeeTime).  See all of our latest platforms here.

Please take a moment to explore our platforms and help us spread the word.  Thanks in advance for your continued support!


Donor Gifts – To Give or Not To Give

01.10.2017 · Terri

Thank you noteMany organizations revisit this topic year after year.  While some donors appreciate the acknowledgement, others may take offense to your organization spending the money they donated to help others on a gift for them.

What is a non-profit to do?


Fundraising During The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

12.19.2016 · Terri

donation giving Geronimo Vacation Rentals for CharityYear-end donations are what every non-profit looks forward to throughout the year. For some organizations, donations received at year-end will carry them into Spring and through the summer dip. Charity Navigator reports that 31% of all annual giving happens in December, with 12% of that giving coming in during the last 3 days of the year.

So, how can you maximize giving this time of year? The first step would be to start early. If you didn’t get a jump start this year, don’t worry, technology and social media make it easy for your organization to get started right away and make the most of what is left of the year.


Affordable USA Getaways To Add To Your Next Fundraiser

12.09.2016 · Terri

Affordable getaways header

Six Must See American Sites
Check out these six stateside packages ready to add to your next fundraiser or auction. Whether you’re looking to include a relaxing beachfront vacation or scenic mountain getaway, we have the perfect package to energize your donors and raise funds for a great cause.