Cruise Through Travel Slow Downs

10.29.2014 · Terri

OneSpareCruise logoIdeally, any cruise company would only set sail with every stateroom filled. Since that is not always possible, how do you increase capacity during those down times, while stretching your marketing budget to fill future rooms?

Why not consider making a donation to charity? Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise simplifies the process by doing the work for you. By setting up a free account at you will have access to Geronimo’s resources and connections. You decide what to donate and how many. You can also designate details such as the size of the travel party, length of the cruise, exclusions and travel dates. Your company will be automatically promoted at fundraising events. Geronimo creates flyers for the events in full color featuring your logo, cruise details and contact information. Your cruise company will be promoted to the charity donors and nonprofits.

Using Geronimo’s One Spare Cruise will also give you access to track your certificates purchased at charity auctions.


Obtaining Sponsors for Nonprofit Events

10.22.2014 · Terri

travelpledge logoWouldn’t you love to tell your donors that every dollar raised at your event will go directly to fund the organization? This would mean having every dollar you spend on the event covered by a sponsorship or an in-kind donation. This IS possible, regardless of the size of your organization.

Start out by considering what your organization has to offer. This will require you to know your numbers. How many households receive your organization’s newsletter, how often? How many social media followers do you have? How many donors receive your direct mail pieces? These numbers could add up to the sponsorship you need to cover your event.


Secrets to Securing Auction Donations

10.09.2014 · Terri

G solutions for NP'sEvery organization wants many and diverse items for their fundraising auction. The challenge is how to ask for, and receive, those items. Business owners can become weary of being asked for donations, which makes it imperative that your organization stands out from the crowd.

A great starting point for securing the items you need for a successful auction is to get your entire organization involved in the solicitation process. The board, staff and volunteers can all contribute to securing auction donations. Each individual has their own personal interests and circle of influence. It’s as simple as having each person following those interests and contacts to seek a donation. Some in your organization might even be able to come together and get creative to offer a package deal worth bidding on. With all hands on deck, your auction items will be as diverse as your stakeholders.


Missed Opportunities

09.25.2014 · Terri

donor buildingWhen we consider fundraising, we often look at the bottom line and the bottom line only: the gift. We often see the financial donation as the goal and miss the opportunity to see what that donor is really all about.

The real goal of fundraising is to build a relationship with the donor and grow their heart to your organization. The question is, how do we do that?

Keeping in mind the philosophy that people give to people, allow other donors and volunteers to draw in new donors and volunteers. With our lives wrapped around social media, encouraging donors and volunteers to share something about your organization on their personal page is a great start. When someone sees that their friend is involved with your organization, they will immediately view your organization as a reputable nonprofit.


Thanking Donors by Email: Best Practices

09.17.2014 · Terri

Nonprofit direction signAs donors have begun transitioning their gifts from writing checks to online giving, the question of how to appropriate thank these donors becomes a priority for nonprofits.

In a world where we expect, and often receive, what we want at the click of a mouse, thanking a donor by email immediately following their online donation has become acceptable. The catch comes with making that email stand out to the donor.

Just as a standard #10 white envelope will not catch the eye of your donor in regular mail, a standard or boring subject line will not catch the eye of your online donor. Think headlines…what will make the donor want to click and open this email? Did the donor give to a specific campaign? Make the subject line a form of results for that campaign. This is an opportunity to report “We made our goal!” or “Just 10 more donors at $50 each will reach our goal!” Either way, the donor will see the results of their gift in the title, prompting them to open the email and read further.