Give While You Go

07.22.2015 · Terri

Geronimo surfkids Geronimo Vacation rentals for charityDoes the prospect of making a generous charitable donation in addition to the cost of a relaxing getaway this year sound like a stress to your budget? What if there was a way to do both at the same time?

It’s true, you can use your vacation budget to support your favorite charity and still reserve that getaway! This might sound too good to be true, but Geronimo Vacation Rentals boasts hundreds of premier vacation rentals in the United States and around the world.


Fundraising Ethics

07.21.2015 · Terri

travelpledge clipFundraising activities for nonprofits are regulated by state laws. But what if they weren’t? What would your nonprofit do to prove to donors and your community that your organization is trustworthy and accountable? The answers might be simpler than you think.

Every nonprofit should follow best practices when it comes to donor relations and fundraising. Showing respect for your donors with a few simple steps goes a long way.

Start with a donor’s gift. Every gift, regardless of size or whether it is monetary or in-kind should receive a thank you and should receive it within 30 days of the gift. The gift acknowledgement should include your organization’s statement regarding IRS deductions.

A Donor’s gift designations should also be respected. If a donor makes a gift designated for specific program, that gift should not be put into general operating funds. Complete the project that the donor has given to and let them know about with an additional thank you and status report.


Alternative Marketing Methods

06.11.2015 · Terri

TravelPledge frameIn today’s technology centered environment, nonprofits can struggle to find their voice in reaching donors. With so many options revolving around social media, as well as traditional marketing methods, how can you get your message through to your donor, and potential donor, loud and clear?

In the past, a business could easily choose radio advertising as their marketing tool of choice with its intrusive value and low cost. People can now choose ad-free radio through Pandora and other music apps, leaving radio advertising to be questionable at best.


Perfecting Your Call to Action By Email

05.21.2015 · Terri

TravelPledge frameAn email without a solid call to action is just another email. In your electronic marketing efforts, you can nail the subject line and get your recipient to open the email, have an amazing story that perfectly shines a light on your mission, but if you neglect your call to action, you’ve wasted your efforts.

Knowing your audience is a good start to crafting your ask. Respect the fact that your reader likely has multiple “asks” in their inbox and yours is just another option. Don’t waste their time, or yours, giving details that don’t add to the specific intent of your email. If the email has been crafted to ask for support of a specific event, give the details of that event and get to the ask.


Technology for Nonprofits

04.28.2015 · Terri

how it worksYour nonprofit organization likely relies on a volunteer workforce to accomplish a great deal of your mission. Volunteers work in data entry, programs, marketing, office help and more. Your volunteers are oriented to your organization and become some of your greatest advocates. Why wouldn’t you also rely on volunteers to help keep your online image up to date and positive?

A new effort from the company HashtagCharity is pairing nonprofits with specialty “volunteers” who have the skills and the heart for your mission. As they prepare to launch their new venture this month, HashtagCharity already has enlisted the help of 600 volunteer techies. Seven nonprofit organizations in the US and Britain have also signed on to be first in line for these unique partnerships.