2018 Fundraiser Plan: 5 Tips To Secure Charitable Success

01/23/2018 · Terri

It’s a new year and the perfect time to evaluate your fundraising initiatives. Now even if your previous plan does not require a complete overhaul, establishing an updated strategy, schedule, and goals will allow your organization to focus on heightened preparedness and execution.

To help you ensure that your 2018 fundraising plan is positioned for success, here are five major components that you must incorporate into evaluating your updated plan:


How to Avoid Fundraising Gone Wrong

09/04/2017 · Terri

CommunicationNo money, no mission is a mantra often heard in the halls of nonprofits and in board meetings and fundraising conferences around the globe. But what happens if the steady flow of donations slows or even stops? That is a question no organization wants to answer. Your best bet is to planning ahead to avoid the pitfalls of fundraising.

One major key to long-term fundraising success is communication. Communication encompasses a great deal in your organization. Let’s start with relationship building.


Auction Ideas & Pro Tips

06/22/2017 · Terri

auction items aIf you’re new to the fundraising auction scene, looking to those who have experience in auction events is a good idea. There are some ideas that can only come from experience.

A well run fundraising auction can increase your bottom line and attract new supporters. While every event and every organization is different, there are some ideas and tips that can help.


Your Fundraiser’s Adventure Vacation Awaits

05/31/2017 · Terri

travelpledge clipHave ever attended a fundraiser and wondered how they got some of the most exciting vacation experiences? It’s likely they contacted TravelPledge! TravelPledge provides incredible experiences from reputable and amazing providers. One such provider is Sporting Adventures International.

Sporting Adventures International is one of our newest partners providing exceptional experiences for your events. They offer an adventure for everyone! From a unique Dove Hunting experience in Cordoba, Argentina to luxurious villas in destinations such as Costa Rica or St. John, there’s an adventure for everyone. Each of the experiences your event promotes will generate not only an opportunity for an incredible contribution but will impress your supporters and provide them with a memorable vacation.


Dream Vacation To Super Charge Your Fundraiser

05/26/2017 · Terri

Whim Canouan Island_ee1__gv20_exterior_and_bay_from_villa_monte_carlo_bbbjsv_0Vacations are one of the most popular items at fundraising events. They help to generate a lot of positive buzz gaining the interest of many potential donors in addition to creating a greater contribution to your fundraising efforts.  When included in your live auction you have the ability to Super Charge your donation and allow your auctioneer  to “Wow” your audience!