Getting Started with TravelPledge

11.18.2015 · Terri

TravelPledge frameAs you begin planning your fundraising auction, be sure to include TravelPledge in your “to do” list. Travel Pledge can ease the burden of finding high quality auction items and great destinations.

The unique system is designed to be a partner to nonprofit organizations of any size. TravelPledge will help to maximize your auction donations, while eliminating the risk and saving you time.

Get started by registering your free account here to unlock a selection of items which range from golf outings to exotic getaways. There are items available to appeal to every price range for your vastly different donors. Giving your donors options will increase revenue and help to build an outstanding reputation for your event.

In addition to access to unique and profitable auction items, your free TravelPledge account will provide you with a custom branded web page, which will include your organization’s logo, color scheme to match your website and information about your organization. This page can be used to share the available items you’ve chosen with donors through email blasts, social media posts and even in your monthly or quarterly mail newsletter. The page can be available to donors throughout the year, not just during your auction event. Keeping this page at the top of their mind will give donors access to fun getaways and events when they’re ready for them throughout the year, while providing your organization with an additional income stream.

TravelPledge creates a win-win for you and your donor. They will have opportunities to access adventures that may not have been available to your organization in the past and you will watch your event revenue grow, while using the time you would have spent securing major auction items, to focus on other important fundraising details. Get started with TravelPledge today and open up the world for your donors.

Countdown to Year End

10.28.2015 · Terri
image source: insurance journal

image source: insurance journal

If you haven’t put your year end fundraising plan in place, there’s still time, but not much. It’s time to get busy and put your nonprofit on display to earn those year end donations. With one-third of all charitable giving happening during the last quarter of the year, you can’t afford to miss out.

As we move into Fall, it’s time to craft your plan, which should include multiple email asks, supported by social media, a newsletter ask and a year-end specific ask in the form of an old fashioned letter in the mail. There is a fine balance to this mix. Be sure your asks compliment one another, rather than repeat the same story. Avoid badgering donors or potential donors by spacing out your asks appropriately. Knowing your donors will help you determine what the appropriate spacing should be.

Your plan should also include a boost in staff or volunteer hours to ensure that all donations received by year end can be processed in a timely manner and receipts sent in time for the new year’s tax crunch. In addition, get started with your personalized TravelPledge site. TravelPledge provides you access to fun and unique experiences to include in your next event, as well as, provides your organization with a year round fundraiser. Anyone wanting to support your nonprofit at anytime throughout the year can access it. So when your supporters go on vacation or play a round of golf a portion of their purchase will go back to your organization. For more on what TravelPledge can do for you and to get started, click here.


How to Use #Hashtags

09.17.2015 · Terri

Social Media MontageOn August 23, 2007, a Twitter user sent a tweet using the very first #hashtag. With Twitter growing  so quickly, users needed a way to classify information to make searching for it easier. #hashtags were born. The popular method of communication has spread to virtually every other popular social media site.

So, as a nonprofit, what can we do with this tool? How can we use it to our advantage? The first step is to create a presence on social media. Is your organization active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In? Having a profile does not make an organization an active participant. Be sure to brush up on social media posts and gain a following. Otherwise, any #hashtag campaign is guaranteed to fall flat.


The Impact of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – A Year Later

08.27.2015 · Terri
Singer Rita Ora does the Ice Bucket Challenge in New York in August. Photograph: Broadimage/Rex

Singer Rita Ora does the Ice Bucket Challenge in New York in August. Photograph: Broadimage/Rex

Last year a social media phenomenon took off across the country and the world and resulted in record-breaking fundraising for one cause. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than 100 million dollars for charities related to ALS and finding a cure.

At the time the challenge began, some raised concerns regarding the method. The challenge was that if you were nominated, you had to make a donation or dump cold water on your head. The concern was that people were only pouring the cold water to be part of the social media trend and were not donating to support the cause. Given the choice between digging into your wallet and dumping cold water on yourself, it was thought that most people were choosing the water. While that may have been true, little did we realize that behind the scenes of each video, millions of dollars were being donated, culminating in 115 million dollars for The ALS National Office alone.


Social Media Upgrades for Nonprofits

08.19.2015 · Terri

social handStaff members at nonprofits are notoriously stretched thin. Job descriptions often include “additional duties as assigned”, which could encompass almost anything from taking out the trash to helping write a strategic plan. In the busyness of running a nonprofit, your social media profile needs to become a priority and not simply one of those “additional duties”.

Social media is an ever-changing venue that can have a major impact on your nonprofit, either for the good or the bad. Before beginning the social media journey, invest some time to determine which outlets are the best fit for your organization. You do not need to spread yourself thin by attempting to engage on every social media site. Poll your volunteers and see where they are spending their online time. That may be a good indicator of where you can best reach your current and new donors.