Make Your Story Equal Donations

08.27.2014 · Terri

Geronimo Solutions Your StoryAs nonprofit organizations we all have a story to tell. A story of our clients, a story of donors, and even the story of the history of our organization. We are all well aware that the stories are what bring in the donations.

While the story still has an important place in donor relations and fundraising, it’s how we tell the story that has changed. For many of us, telling our story has historically meant that we tell about the problem. We try to touch the heart of the donor by telling how many people have the problem, we tell how badly we need the donors support to make a minor dent in the problem, but is that the story we should be telling?


Promote Your Lessons at Charity Events – Free Automated Solution!

08.13.2014 · Terri

Free PromoLessonHave you ever considered donating your talent to charity to help them raise some extra money? Golf lessons, guitar lessons, cooking lessons, skating lessons, personal fitness, … all of these and more could make a big difference (lesson by lesson) to a charity in need in your community.

While donating a guitar lesson to a charity may not seem like much benefit to them, most charities would love to promote your instruction services (at their annual auction fundraiser) in exchange for a single lesson (or a lesson package if you’re feeling really generous!) .  Converting your lesson into cash will help them bring in much needed extra dollars. In addition to supporting a great cause, your business will be promoted to each and every donor at the auction, providing great exposure to potential future students who have the disposable income for your services.


Give While You Go

07.31.2014 · Terri

Geronimo surfkids Geronimo Vacation rentals for charityDoes the prospect of making a generous charitable donation in addition to the cost of a relaxing getaway this year sound like a stress to your budget? What if there was a way to do both at the same time?

It’s true, you can use your vacation budget to support your favorite charity and still reserve that getaway! This might sound too good to be true, but Geronimo Vacation Rentals boasts hundreds of premier vacation rentals in the United States and around the world.


Summer Donation Dip

07.16.2014 · Terri

fiscal cliff 2If you work in a nonprofit organization, you have no doubt encountered the summer season decline in giving. The on-set of summer in the nonprofit world can bring on stress, endless planning sessions and even cutbacks if your fundraising strategy does not effectively recognize this season’s challenges.

Summer is the time to continue to build on the relationships you have been investing in throughout the year, and to remind donors that your needs continue, even if they might be on vacation.


Watch Your Words

07.08.2014 · Terri

words have powerWords matter. Whether you are developing just the right subject line to get your emails opened or an exciting introduction to encourage the recipient to read on, it seems every word can make a difference. While we often read ideas of the words we should use in email marketing, how do we know which words to avoid?

Some words are simply overused, while others may alert a reader to marketing tactics or gimmicks. Still others may send your finely crafted email straight to the spam folder. Either way, these are words that you may want to try to avoid if you want to stand out from the email crowd.


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